Making News Inside and Outside the Classroom

Flowers Rural Education
Doctoral student in K-12 administration highlights challenges of rural education

Having grown up in a rural community and later became a school principal in a rural school district, Jamon Flowers, a third-year doctoral student in K-12 Administration understands the unique challenges rural schools and communities face. He welcomed an opportunity recently to participate as a panelist in a SchoolReform event in Washington, D.C. to help raise awareness of the educational issues these rural communities face.

Grieving Fathers
Examining fathers’ grief after miscarriage

Fathers’ grief after a miscarriage is often overlooked. A trio of doctoral counseling students in the William & Mary School of Education set out to rectify that, and published the results of their interviews with fathers in a 2018 issue of The Family Journal.

Patricia Popp
Supporting homeless students on the path to college

Patricia Popp Ph.D. '01, clinical associate professor and state coordinator for homeless education (Project HOPE-VA), is researching the needs of homeless students as they transition to college and developing best practices to support them.

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