Admission Test Requirements

Not all of our programs require the same admission test.  Some programs require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Other programs allow the applicant to select either the GRE or the Miller's Analogy Test (MAT).  The initial teacher licensure programs require the Praxis Core.

Our programs, and the tests required are listed below:

  • Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership programs - all programs accept the GRE or the MAT
  • Literacy Leadership and Gifted Education - accept the GRE or the MAT
  • Counseling and School Psychology programs - only accept the GRE
  • Elementary, Secondary & Special Education programs - require the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam, or an appropriate ACT/SAT substitution.  The GRE is no longer required for these programs. The test number for the Praxis Core (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) is 5751.
  • Math Specialist MAEd program - only accepts the GRE
  • Certificate programs - no test scores are required

GRE and MAT Test scores should be no more than five years old.

The institution codes for W&M:

  • GRE is 5115
  • MAT is 1765.

Be sure to also indicate a major/department code on your request. Anything in the area of "Education" will find its way to us.  

 If you are unsure which test is required for your program, please contact us at 757-221-2317 or [[graded, email us]].