Successful Outcomes

Graduating teachers who bring success to the classroom

Those who come to William & Mary’s School of Education wanting to make a difference in the lives of children and the world leave with the tools to do so. Not only does William & Mary prepare the best and the brightest students to become effective teachers, but many of our graduates go on to serve in schools that need them the most. According to a survey of the most recent cohort of graduates from the teacher preparation program, one-half report that they are novice teachers in high-needs schools.

Principal satisfaction

Those who complete teacher education at William & Mary – at both the undergraduate and graduate levels – are highly sought by employing school districts throughout the country. The Cohen Career Center reached out to a sample of K-12 principals and central office administrators to find out what they're saying about first year teachers who completed their professional preparation at William & Mary.

At the conclusion of student teaching, we survey principals who have hosted our student teachers. When asked, "If this student teacher were a full-time, professional teacher on your faculty, how satisfied would you be with his or her overall performance as a novice teacher," the response is overwhelmingly positive.

Principals' Satisfaction

Student satisfaction

Excellence in the teaching profession starts with the high quality experience at William & Mary. From the challenging curriculum to a 10-week student teaching experience, students leave our program and enter the teaching profession with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed. After completing one year of teaching, we asked our recent graduates “how satisfied they felt with the quality of preparation” they received from William & Mary.  More than three-fourths (87%) said they were extremely satisfied or satisfied with their preparation.

Graduate Satisfaction