Bracken, Bruce
Specialization: Educational Foundations
Office: 3086
Phone: (757) 221 - 1712
Email: [[babrac]]

Johnston Brendel

Brendel, John
Specialization(s): Counselor Education :: School Counseling
Office: 2107L
Phone: (757) 221 - 2328
Email: [[JMBren]]

Chen, Jason
Office: 3058
Phone: (757)221-6201
Email: [[jachen]]
Areas of Expertise: Academic Motivation, Academic Engagement, Science Education, Nature of Science, Immersive Virtual Environments, Educational Technology, STEM Education

Tracy Cross

Cross, Tracy
Area of Expertise: Gifted Education
Office: 3129
Phone: (757) 221-2210
Email: [[TLCross]]

Tom Farmer

Farmer, Thomas W.
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Office: 2121
Phone: (757) 221-1810
Email: [[twfarmer]]
Areas of Expertise: Rural Education, Professional Development Support in Low Resource Schools, Special Education Services, School Social Dynamics, Aggressive and Disruptive Behavior, Bullying Prevention

Victoria Foster

Foster, Victoria
Director, Family Counseling Program
Specialization(s): Counselor Education :: Marriage & Family Counseling
Office: 3055
Phone: (757) 221 - 2321
Email: [[vafost]]

Rick Gressard

Gressard, Charles
Chancellor Professor
Office: 3127
Phone: (757) 221-2352
Email: [[cfgres]]
Areas of Expertise: Addiction Counseling, Transpersonal Counseling, Counselor Ethics, Counselor Education, Counselor Education Accreditation, Counselor Licensure and Certification

Gail Hardinge

Hardinge, Gail
Specialization(s): School Psychology :: Program Management
Office: 3066
Phone: (757) 221 - 2361
Email: [[gbhard]]

Natoya Haskins

Haskins, Natoya
Assistant Professor
Specialization(s): School Counseling
Office: 3092
Phone: 757-221-2345
Email: [[nhhaskins]]


Kim, KH
Specialization: Educational Foundations
Office: 3122
Phone: (757) 221 - 1328
Email: [[]]

Rip McAdams

McAdams III, Charles R.
Professor and Chair, School Psychology and Counselor Education
Office: 3065
Phone: (757) 221-2338
Email: [[crmcad]]
Areas of Expertise: Mental Health Counseling, Couples & Family Counseling, Aggression and Violence Prevention/Intervention, Gatekeeping in Counselor Education

Ryan McGill

McGill, Ryan
Assistant Professor
Office: 3120
Phone: 757-221-6072
Email: [[rmcgill]]
Areas of Expertise: Psychological Assessment, Psychometrics and Measurement Theory, Judgment and Decision-Making in School Psychology, Assessment and Identification of Specific Learning Disability, Quantitative Psychology

Patrick Mullen

Mullen, Patrick R.
Assistant Professor
Office: 3076
Phone: 757-221-6071
Email: [[prmullen]]
Areas of Expertise: School Counseling, Counselor Education and Supervision, Counseling Children and Adolescents, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling, Professional Impairment Among Counselors, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling


Ward, Sandy
Specialization(s): School Psychology
Office: 3057
Phone: (757) 221 - 2326
Email: [[scbrub]]