Project Empower

Enhancing Minds through Prevention and Outreach With Educational Resources

 What is Project EMPOWER?

What did you do when you had a problem in high school? Talk to your friends? Talk to the guidance counselor? What happened when they weren't available? Wouldn't it be great if there was another resource for teenagers? In Williamsburg, there is!  We are the Student Assistance Program Counselors.  It's our job to fill in the gap.  

Project Empower is a grant-funded initiative which runs the Student Assistance Program in cooperation with the Williamsburg-James City County Public high schools. All counselors are graduate or doctoral level students at the College. We meet with students for individual and group counseling. While the program aims to help 'at-risk' students, our doors are open to anyone, any time, who just needs to talk. Our motto is "Help is down the hall".
Friends are great, but as we've heard many times from the students we work with... "they just don't listen, or understand".  Students also believe that the guidance office is only for problems with classes... which in many cases it is!  That's why our job is so important.  We get to be that listener who can make time to truly hear them.  We work with a variety of issues but our goals remain the same.  We want high school to be a positive experience for everyone, not just academically, but also socially and emotionally.