Current Students

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Master's Students

Elkie Vandenbeemt
“I first became interested in higher education when I was in college after an incredible experience working in the admissions office. I am really interested in working in admissions, but am also interested in first-year orientation and international students and scholars programs.”
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Erin Fleming
"After taking classes informally for a year, I decided to join the program as a degree-seeking student. I chose the Higher Education program because of the breadth of the curriculum – whether you’re interested in a career in policy, student affairs, finance, or another area of campus, this program will give you the tools to succeed in higher education."
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Briana Colon

"Within the EPPL Higher Education Program, I find it valuable to apply theory and lessons in class to my professional graduate assistantship. This element of the program makes coursework especially applicable and relevant while simultaneously engaged in a professional setting." 
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Adam Sylvain

"I had such a great college experience and felt a growing desire to support students making that transition and to learn more about the structure and function of higher education. My years spent teaching helped clarify a clear passion for education and once I started investigating different programs, William & Mary jumped out at me as a clear fit. As the second oldest institution in the nation, studying Higher Education in an environment steeped in rich history and tradition was a definite draw. "

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Christopher Markiewicz

“While exploring graduate programs, the unique research being undertaken by faculty here in the Higher Education program was what originally piqued my interest. Upon visiting, I really got the sense that the faculty here are committed not only to research and teaching, but also to making connections between students and ensuring that any academic or extracurricular interest a student has is met with the appropriate resource, opportunity, or point of contact."

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Doctoral Students

Amanda Armstrong
"From first viewing William and Mary’s mission and purpose, to visiting the beautiful and historic campus, I knew this was a place that would offer supportive faculty, opportunities for challenge and growth, and a stimulating learning environment."
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Toni Gay
"As my family and I planned to return to the Historic Triangle area after my Connecticut assignment, William and Mary was the natural choice for me given its location, history, reputation, and the stellar School of Education where the faculty is top notch."
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Anthony Siradakis 
“The College of William and Mary School of Education exemplifies distinction and class. Having applied to nearly a dozen doctoral programs, from New York to California, Florida and Michigan, I was thoroughly impressed with the hospitality, expertise, and the willingness of faculty and staff to go above and beyond assisting students with their goals and ambitions."
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Diana Hernández 
"Having started a doctoral program elsewhere, I am pleased to say that I have found my academic home at William and Mary." 
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M. Amanda Johnson
 "I applied to WM’s program because of the college’s and school of education’s prestige. However, after having met with the faculty and felt their enthusiasm for the students and the program, I knew it was the place I wanted to be!" 
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Jamison Miller
"I chose the higher education program at William and Mary because of the faculty's support and enthusiasm for diverse topics and approaches to research."
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Marcel Montane
"The quality of the faculty, staff and students in the W&M Higher Ed program is exceptional. The program is rigorous, but as a new faculty member in Higher Education, the program helps me deal with the challenges I encounter daily teaching at a rural community college."
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Madeline Smith
"I chose William and Mary as a result of the vast amount of resources available through the School of Education, including the opportunity to work with faculty members who share similar research interests. In addition, W&M's proximity to the nation's capital appealed to me as someone with a strong interest in higher education policy."
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Yi Hao

"At first, I was a bit uncertain if this would be a good fit for me. After working with my cohort which is a brilliant group of talents and the faculty and staff members who are extremely devoted to what they do and always willing to help students, I am so glad that I chose W&M. Now that I really feel School of Education is where I belong."

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Erin Wojtkun 

"My experiences being and working with student-athletes left me determined to become an athletic administrator that can make an impact on student-athletes lives. Being at William and Mary is offering me the opportunity to learn from the great professors and my peers.  The deep conversations we engage in allows me to think about views I had not previously thought about."

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