Algebra I

Add-on Endorsement only

The Algebra I add-on endorsement program is not a degree program.  The program is intended for experienced or prospective teachers who hold or are eligible for licensure and wish to add Algebra I as an endorsement to their teaching license.  Students must complete a Program of Studies with the Mathematics Education program professor and submit the Program of Studies to the Director of Admission of the School of Education.  The Program of Studies must be on file with both the Office of Academic Programs and the Office of Teacher Education and Professional Services.

Program Requirements
Pre-Service Teachers
MATH 111
Calculus I

MATH 112
Calculus II

MATH 211
Linear Algebra

MATH 214
Foundations of Mathematics

MATH 307 Abstract Algebra

MATH 351
Applied Statistics

MATH 416
Topics in Geometry

EDUC 443/


Curriculum and Instruction Methods for Mathematics
CSCI 141
Introduction to Computer Science

In-Service Teachers
MATH 536
Algebra and Functions for Teachers

MATH 111
Calculus I

MATH 211
Linear Algebra

MATH 516
Geometry and Measurement for Teachers (which includes competencies in Trigonometry and Introductory Computer Science)

MATH 509
Introduction to Probability and Statistics (which includes competencies in Introductory Computer Science)

MATH 539 Discrete Mathematics (which includes competencies in Introductory Computer Science)
Electives6 credits

In order to be eligible for the Algebra I endorsement through the College of William & Mary, a minimum of two (2) of the required courses must be completed at William & Mary with a grade of B- or better in each.  Additionally, the combined GPA of all courses in the program must be at least 3.0.

For more information regarding these programs, contact [[mmmaso, Dr. Margie Mason]] at (757) 221-2327.